New album “Ocean Eyes” (released on September 19, 2014)
“delightful, innovative and viscerally inspiring . . . an innate ability to capture magic”

Steven Hobert leaps out into the world with boldness, heart and mastery in his new album “Ocean Eyes”. His piano driven explorations interweave flowing improvisations, classical and folk melodies, jazz harmonies and hip-shaking grooves. This magical journey carries the listener via wings or raft through forest, sea and sky while evoking dance, wonder, reflection, and laughter. He is joined on many of the tracks by a stellar crew that includes percussion, guest vocalists, bass, violin and guitar.
Available through purchase at or through Itunes.

see write up in Jazz Police: “The World of Steven Hobert, Improvising Through Ocean Eyes


Steven leads and composes for the ensemble FireFlyForest that explores world rhythms & colors. There is a strong attention to the subtle blending of unique instrument combinations: Steven plays accordion, keyboards, sings and teams up with virtuosic violin, driving cajon, eerie musical saw, ethereal pedal steel guitar . . .

“Ballet” is available for purchase through iTunes or at

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